Monday, April 20, 2009

recent work

Recent paintings, a variance from the work I have recently been doing. These have been in process for the past month. It seems like a long time for me to be working on something. Top painting, begun about the time I started blogging. I set it aside to work on the florals I thought would be the focus of my last show. Painted on a 16" x 20" canvas, I can't help to think this painting could work on a much larger format. Wanting to do something different than a typical landscape this was a opportunity to incorporate these figures; wooden dolls? mannequins? maybe they were made to be dressed up as saints. The big one seems to have her holy on.

Last fall just after the elections, I was in Sacramento – this fine state's capital, during the rally protesting the passing of Prop 8.  The passing of that proposition was extremely hurtful for me, much more than I ever expected – I felt betrayed and condemned by the outcome. 
It was revitalizing to be there with other like minded victims of the hate.
I recall during the protest thinking the only thing missing were the words "SURRENDER DORTHY" in the sky above us. I have been wanting to commemorate the event. The evil represented by the skywriting; A scary image branded upon my mind in childhood, bringing up feelings of an insurmountable enemy, to powerful to fight, to malevolent not to be contested. The marchers with there back to the capital building were continuing the march beyond the officially sanctioned marching area. They took the march to the street, the goal to cross over some bridge, to be seen. The marchers stayed on the sidewalks, off of the roadways. The police closed the road to traffic limiting the access of visibility. 

The local Pride center in Modesto had a contest for an image for the upcoming Pride Event. The theme "right to love", seemed to fit with what I wanted to express. This painting is 18" x 24", it could have been expressed on a larger canvas, but when I had the time to start it this was the size canvas that was handy. The words on the bottom were added on the computer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kaisor Hospital

Last year I sold some paintings to Kaisor for there new hospital in Modesto. The three paintings they bought are shown above. These are not oil paintings, they are a mixed medium, water based paint. They would not purchase paintings on canvas, so I reverted to an earlier painting style. These are painted on board, like the little ones I do but much bigger. I do like painting in this medium, It takes a little more space and planing so I tend to stick with the oils.

The top painting "Sun Lit", 24" x 24" Inspired by the sun light coming through the trees in Yosemite. I liked the cool blues and grays contrasting with the greenish yellow. Simple shapes making up trees and mountain, for me it was all about the color. Next painting "Out To Pasture" again 24" x 24" a scene in Nights Ferry, though the field held no car, there was some abandoned construction equipment there in its place. An vintage roadster seamed to hold a more romantic image. The bottom painting a diptych two 24" x 48" panels, of a local ranch only a mile or so from where the new hospital stands. Alas, The ranch seems to be gone, they are widening the road and only one building is left standing. I heard that the ranch is hanging in the waiting room of the emergency room, With any luck I will never see it hanging there.

sorry it has been a while since I posted last
life gets in the way at times