Friday, February 27, 2009

outstanding orchard

I was thinking of this painting of an almond orchard in the late afternoon light that I painted 2 years ago, as I rode my bike today. I was looking of the color of the blossoms on the trees. I've seen the flowers close up I know they are white, maybe a little bit of a pink cast. In the late afternoon light they start to look lavender and even blue. I was surrounded by orchids, the white flowers turning cool toward the end of day. There was an illuminated quality to the trees, thinking of this painting I thought that it was to dark, the orchards were glowing bright today. When I turned back heading west rather than east I saw the landscape's  intensity matched the color and tone of this painting.
48" x 48" oil on canvas

I went to the art store with a gift certificate I received for a birthday present. I knew I wanted to start this new series of floral related paintings. I needed canvas. They did not have one size I wanted, so I had to re-figure the size relationship of the paintings I am about to do. They will be a little smaller then I had thought, but I'm working with a deadline and the new size fits my concept just as well. I left with 9 canvases, and 17 cents in change. It reminded me of being in grade school, first, second or third grade. I had a quarter. It did not happen often that I had so much money to do with as I wanted. They sold soft pretzels in that school. Yes, I grew up outside of Philadelphia where soft pretzels are a part of everyday life. Someone would come to each class every day peddling pretzels. they were a nickle each. I found out I could buy 5 with my quarter — so I did! It felt so decadent, even though I did not know that word. Buying all the canvas today and reaching so close to the total on the certificate brought back the same decadent feeling. 

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