Tuesday, September 28, 2010

portrait as still life

I came across an old black and white photo of Jean Muir in my garage last week. Not knowing were to put it I set it on my easel till I figured out what to do with it. Feeling the need to paint I set it aside last night. It's placement adjacent to the easel made it convent for subject. Deciding to use something other than my oil paint I decided to use the water based paint I had around my studio. My pallet was limited, using only a very dark green -nearly black in value, a pale yellow - almost a creamy white, a magenta red and a cyan blue. Painted at night with indirect light, local color was not relevant as the value relations.

24" x 24" mixed media on canvas

on the back of the photograph this information is posted:

SHE WILL BE ONE OF THE "STARS OVER BROADWAY".....Jean Muir, lovely Warner Bros. star, will be one of the stellar personalities in the new romance of radioland, Stars Over Broadway", now in production at Warner Bros. studios under the direction of William Keighley/ Jane Froman and James Melton, celebrities of the ether waves are important members of the cast, with Pat O'Brien in a vital role.

Photograph by Elmer Fryer Warner Bros. • F. N. Studios

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