Monday, March 23, 2009


This painting of a blooming tulip magnolia tree is one that did not make it into my current show. I had planed to make it part of a set, I still may. While hanging my show I realised there was not room to display the pair, so I used that excuse not to execute the second painting. I like this painting by it's self and with out the pressure of a deadline it may be a while. There are a few other images I want to work on that the show forced me to set aside.

I planted a tulip magnolia in my yard two years ago. I wanted a shade tree to shelter my house from the summer's afternoon sun. The tree bloomed for the first time this year. I got 4 flowers. I want to bring them to my easel and try to capture the essences of there chaotic petals. My tree grew only 6 inches in 2 years. I fear there will be a long wait before I can remove a branch from it.

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