Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MJC show

Here I am posting images of a show I had at Modesto Junior College a few years back. I have been thinking of this show as I worked on hanging my current show. This weekends show seemed much more difficult to hang. MJC's gallery a large white room with high ceilings allowed a lot of leeway. I could layout the room on graph paper and bring only paintings that I knew would fit. The smaller space of this current show took a little more finesse to get the flow right.

The above image shows six of my favorite paintings. These two foot square paintings, each a flower of a different color. I captured the 6 colors of the color wheel, 3 primary and 3 secondary colors. I call this series "Fleur Spectrum". Many years ago when I lived in Southern California I was a partner in a company that did decorative painting and faux finishes call Faux Spectrum. The library table is a byproduct of that enterprise. The sculpture is carved alabaster, it has four different faces on it's surface. The wall on the right had a large rectangle painted a dusty gray violet with close to a hundred small figure paintings attached to it. Hanging those small panels was truly a act of trust. I ended up filling every inch of the area with only four paintings left over.

This wall of 12 inch square paintings is one of the first times I was able to display these painting. I started painting one foot squares a while earlier knowing how I wanted to see them displayed. Four years later I'm still filling walls with grids of square paintings. This weeks show the paintings are 8" squares, 44 of them. The figure is a clay piece I did while I lived in San Francisco. The four foot square painting farther down the wall is a sight I actually witnessed. I was driving from San Francisco to Stanford to visit the museum there. I saw a circular shape in the field then noticed figures within the ring. I could not make out the origins of the people, but under the circumstances I could only assume they were aliens.

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